Gryanne Stunnenberg – 80’s series – drawing – 2015-2017

80s series. Indian ink on paper. 76×56 /56×76 cm.

80’s series (2015-2017) – drawing
In this series, I write 80 according to game rules I have set for myself before starting, in order to achieve a pattern in which the game rules are noticeable and the human hand is detectable. These drawings are based on repetitions and under the influence of the symbiosis of the body and mind. They became like fragmented diaries to me. For the viewer it is clear that there is a personal underlining in the work, even though this is not explicit or explicitly added, but more or less an undertone of the human behind works that seem to be mainly abstract at first. When I work, I try to achieve an automatic handwriting that forms a different rhythm every time. The sets of game rules in combination with repetition, create a meditative state in the making process. In this series, I work with black Indian ink on white paper, because any other color would already give too many associations that are irrelevant. What I communicate is not an object or landscape or anything the viewer might already know. I try to direct the viewer’s thoughts as little as possible, because I would like to create a space and time in which nobody tells you what to do, think or feel. Nowadays there is an overload of images and texts around us, that influence us as
individuals and as a collective. In my work, I want to give myself and the viewer space to enter otium. 80 in my perception is a lot more infinite than 8, based on the handwriting taught to Dutch schoolchildren.