Paloma Leyton – NEW WORKS

The work of Paloma could be seen as a poetic notation of her investigation to the human body, movement and gravity. Her circus roots find ground in instability. This places her work in a zone that has no name; no circus, no dance, no performance, no video.

Video in color 8¨11

The seek for balance and the tension game established between the body, its weight and gravity intended as performative principles become visible with the invention of a new apparatus. Created out of the decomposition of a fixed trapeze, the object is tailor-made to the height and weight of the performer, and it allows it to accompany with imbalances every weight shift or pressure exerted on its bar.
The horizon is the base of a minimal dance where the interest does not rely on impressive acrobatics but on the seek of balance as an extraordinary thing.

Horizontes was made in Spain, France and Argentina, with the help of Sophie Lascombes.
Video in color 23¨15

Locked up in a suspended fragment of a theater stage, the piece experiments what can her body do when the ground beneath her feet becomes an unstable support. The image is that of a body that seeks comfort in constant re-adaptation. Understanding contortion as a powerful visual element, my goal is to interrogate the decentralization of the body as an individual by looking closely to her skin.

Agrès-sol was made in Venice, Italy, in collaboration with and as an ode to the contorsionist and handstand specialist Macarena González Neuman.

Cher Lucien by Denkraum
Performance that is circus show shaped (currently in production)

This show explores different forms of attachment and attraction phenomena through a series of scenes and situations, bodies, objects, mechanisms, suspended devices and interaction with the audience. Different degrees of stability and the search for balance reveal gravity as the ultimate attraction. Circus is a language, exposed as potentially symbolic, visual and performative.

Denkraum is a company set-up and run by Macarena González Neuman, Costanza Lovazzano and Paloma Leyton. All photos are made during the warming-up.