Highlighted artists

GALLERGRY structurally promotes a selection of contemporary artists. What they all have in common is a visual voice that is loud and clear and an investigative attitude.

Maarten van Aken 1985 NL
Paloma Leyton 1994 AR
Gryanne Stunnenberg 1984 NL

These three artists exhibit together under the name of ‘3Human’.
The works (van Aken series of paintings, Stunnenberg series of photography and Leyton screendance videos) have strong similarities.
First of all, this is visually clear, but also in concept.
Van Aken focuses on architecture where people are absent and he plays with perception through reflection, light and the concept of ‘liminal space’.
Stunnenberg photographs architecture and the sky, dividing the world into compositions that can be found in many places by everyone. The unedited images are the product of one push of a button. The frequent zooming in on the composition that surrounds us creates a disconnection of meaning in order to make room for the inner architecture.
Leyton places the human body in the natural environment where with the help of unstable, invented devices, such as a trapeze, a piece of ground, or a counterbalance mechanism, which are rigged to seek for balance thanks to a dynamic pulley system. The combination has to deal with gravity, weight and body measurements and forms temporary constructions for humans in nature. The work thus becomes something that resembles moving architecture.