Gryanne Stunnenberg – This is not art, it’s pressing a button – photography – 2018-ongoing

Series ´This is not art, it’s pressing a button.´ 2018 – 2019
Photography. Photo on Forex 20×30 / 30×20 cm
Edition of 4.





Series ´This is not art, it’s pressing a button.´ 2018 -ongoing
Photography. Photo 100×150 / 150×100 cm
Unique prints, only 1 print per photo. 


This is not art, it’s pressing a button (2018-ongoing) – photography

The only way to keep on creating image and look for compositions was by using a photo camera. With minimal effort one can capture lines and color blocks. During my mandatory half an hour walks to recover from the sepsis, my camera came with me and the hunt was on. I already knew exactly what I was looking for, I just had to find it. This became a series, named after a comment made by a person I admire and like very much. The concept of pressing a button being art is an intriguing one to me. I don’t create, I only capture. Very literally I only press a button to make. But the search before pressing and the selection process after are done with a high level of concentration, making the final work as time absorbing as a previous drawing. Once found and captured, I share the image on social media to feed the world images that are always different, but come from the same repeating visual language. The goal is to see what’s up while looking down and to create captures that could be found anywhere by anybody and to share them frequently enough so that the audience comes across images on the street that I didn’t capture yet. They will encounter Gryanne photo moments and places. And when they do, they will see the world in lines and color blocks, satellite viewing away by me zooming in, distracted from whatever else was going on a second before, detaching from meaning for a glimpse of time and in that way create space for inner architecture. The hunt is ongoing. This does not make me a photographer.