With the first edition of Libertà still fresh on our minds, GALLERGRY is happy to announce the open call for the second edition.

Artists are invited to propose works or ideas for new works that have something to do with Venice.

Please add a CV and portfolio to your proposal and send it to:

Deadline for proposals: 1st of November 2019. However, let’s start talking earlier 😉

GALLERGRY organizes the offline event ‘Libertà‘. The first edition of this pop-up exhibition spread out over several locations in Venice (Italy) was held on 24/25/26 May 2019. The second edition is planned for the end of May 2020.

The entire idea to create a three-day pop-up art event in Venice derives from an opinion; Venice is connected to the mainland by a bridge called ‘Freedom’, but leaves not enough freedom to its residents nor to their artistic needs and outbursts. Space can be bought or rented. The financial competition between the average wages of the locals and the visitors to this city is an unfair one. Take into consideration that artists earn less money with their profession in general and the many restrictions as to possibilities in public space and one will easily come to the conclusion that Venice doesn’t have a very fruitful climate for contemporary artists. Yet the city seems to explode of exhibitions, their number so large that it is even hard to set foot in all of them. Making and running exhibitions in Venice is a true business and it is wonderful to be surrounded by that because that is a great source and form of collective wealth. There are some art communities that sometimes meet up to enjoy spending some time together, but they seem to be somewhat hidden. This city was missing something dynamic to operate in the middle of everything. Something outside of the structures assigned to art. Something that is with and for the locals. Art as part of the community and to create community.

Libertà 2019 counted 20 international artists, spread out over 12 locations, plus an online contribution. The exhibition had ‘Comune di Venezia’ as a binding theme. Many of the artists were present at the opening and also during the up-and-running days. Some artists brought their works themselves, other works were transported by others and delivered as post, some works were contributed through the internet. The locations were local businesses (private spaces with a public feel) and residents participated by lending us their washing lines. The artists were invited or selected after an open call. Some of the works already existed and were selected for their relation to the theme. Many of the works were made specifically for this exhibition. As soon as GALLERGRY would know the details about a participating artwork, it started to scout and look for a suitable location. After receiving confirmation from the space, GALLERGRY set up a communication line between the owner of the location and the artist(s). The artists made sure that the works were there, the locations made sure that the assigned space was ready, with GALLERGRY in the triangle of the communication. Everybody took care of their own expenses. Gallergry had no budget.

We were all volunteers and patrons at the same time.

By following this link you can find more information on the 1st Libertà exhibition. LINK

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