The drop that contained the sea – Ria Geerdink about her contribution to Libertà 2019


‘The drop that contained the sea’ is a title which is inspired by an album of composer Christopher Lin, but is also connected to a childhood memory.

On a sunny day, a sudden rain poured its drops on our big garden around our farm. I was 3 or 4 years old by then. As soon as the shower passed my mother said: “Come, come! Outside a lot of diamonds are waiting for us! “. I remember the millions of waterdrops resting on the flowers and leaves, the mesmerizing sunlight reflecting the world in each tiny element.
At that moment my mother had taught me a way of looking at the world.

When in my studio I work mostly intuitive. Trying out, connected to the material, reflecting on what I see, making choices to balance opposites occurring in the process of making.

In the process of connecting and making the work to the theme ‘Libertà’, several layers of meaning arose.

Some to mention are : water as a characteristic; the trade of fabrics in the old days; the ships and boats through the canals; the glass; tears of history (e.g. the for life-employed glassmakers were hunted by assassins when escaping the glass studio, to protect the family glass-recipes); the suffering by the Venice inhabitants because of the crowded waterways and cruise ships damaging the city; and also the silence that can still be found in the off-route canals.

Libertà, I gave some interpretation possibilities above but would love to ask you to forget this immediately after reading. The freedom of watching, thinking about what you see, making your own story, the liberty of playing with connotations, interpretations, is what I hope the viewer will do.
Will you see narratives, history, sadness, water, light, diamonds, reflections, or a million colors of blue, changing every second?

Ria Geerdink
June 2019


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