MOVING – Onno Dirks about his contribution to Libertà 2019


photography and graphite drawing

My work contains two polaroids of bridge-heads connected by graphite drawing.
The drawing contains indefinite silhouettes of people, associated with movement, arriving and leaving.

I didn’t want to recreate a Venetian bridge and was researching, developing an archetypical image of the meaning of ‘bridge’. A bridge that can be everywhere, a symbol for movement and connection.
This resulted in an obliterated image of a bridge, consisting of two pillars and a road in between.
It had to become an imaginary bridge, leading to being completed in the mind of the viewer.

The polaroids are intentionally out of focus, to increase the graphic nature in combination with the drawing. I love the characteristics of the polaroid material which is a photographic carrier that on the one side is very direct, but at the same time unpredictable and erratic.
Seeing the polaroid image coming to the surface feels as light drawing the photo, a direct connection to the process of my drawings.

I choose the bridge as a symbol of Venice, the city of bridges, enduring people coming and people go and the characteristic of emptiness as an opposite to the crowded present-day reality.

The lost spaces.

Onno Dirks

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