Leonardo Della Torre

Leonardo Della Torre - Live (1).jpg

Leonardo Della Torre – Live (1) – 182x169cm – oil on canvas – 2017 —

Animals with holes in them and a title pointing out the beautiful landscape. Dead people in a cartoonish setting, without trying to make death more horrible or less real. The bleeding lady on the ground, captured by someones phone and that phone therefore becoming a tool to capture a horrific event, instead of the tool to actually call for help. Worshiping God or replacing God with technology. They could all be mirrors of our self-absorbed society and the intrinsic human need to look the other way. In case the ‘other way’ is giving us a bad picture too, we tend to look right passed it or straight through it with the use of downplay. And our human superpower: forgetting.

Looking at the paintings of Leonardo Della Torre one finds oneself reminded.
These reminders of our world and how we treat everything in and on it, are laid out for us with controlled and swift handwriting in firm compositions, using gray and blue tones or several greens, combined with some determined colors.

A cruel sense of humor that shows fantasy elements to expose a very strong reality. A clear-shaped and hard truth, with decisively chosen lines and colors. Images in which every visual choice is like a well thought through sentence. At the same time they have an air of innocence.

Leonardo was born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1975. At the age of 22 he started painting. He studied at the art academy, Pedro Figari in Montevideo and currently works in his ateliers in Montevideo and Miami.

He sends his work to any part of the world via FedEx or UPS, directly and without intermediaries.

To find out more you can email Leonardo directly.

Go to his website.

Or follow him on Instagram.

Feel like contacting me?

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