Wianda Keizer

Wianda Keizer – LIJN 3 (LINE 3) – 200x40x14cm – concrete, corten steel – 2011 —

Imagine living on a farm, where you’ll have all kinds of ordinary material lying around. What to do with it?

Wianda Keizer knows. She takes what’s around her and puts the elements together, building poetry out of pieces of rope, metal, rubber, stone, steel, concrete and all kinds of other things that might seem practical at first. By organizing them and giving them repetition, she’s composing visual music with a smooth bass, sharp hi-hats, rusty snare lines, calming strings and once in a while a clear note floats by.

Her works that caught my eye a few years back were very small sculptures. They look delicate and resistent at the same time. To me they resemble little books, that tell stories without the use of words. Little things that look like something that had already been in my possesion, but somehow I had lost them and I remembered missing them as soon as I saw them (for the first time, that is). Something like a past life thing.

Besides the small scale sculptures, Wianda also creates larger sculptures and installations for in- and outdoors. The same patterns and materials are used. But instead of blowing up the scale, they are larger by nature. They all seem to be their own creature. Industrial-looking breathing and growing individuals.

Lines are the inspiration. The horizon, lines of things and lines of places. Some works could have quite possibly been architectural models, whereas some installations clearly trace the lines of the given space. They echo what was already there and therefor improve the visual acoustics of its surroundings.

Needless to say that adding a touch of Wianda Keizer will bring music to your eyes.

Want to hear more? You will find several works on her website.


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