Saskia Boelsums

Saskia Boelsums – Landscape #32 —

We stay in the Netherlands for another round, where Saskia Boelsums keeps up its image of land, water and sky, as we have seen painters do troughout art history.

Instead of the 17th century, Saskia Boelsums is operating in the now with a clear echo of the Dutch painting tradition.

In sharp photographs she seems to be brushing and stroking to create dramatic Barok-like effects of light and shadow.

Most of her landscapes show merely elements of a landscape, but with a strong vibe of movement. Every single one of those elements seems to be a moving, breathing organism.

Add up the combinations of deep or dark tones with soft pastels and fresh full colour notes.

The result of the three factors light, movement and colour, give each work something that tastes like possible danger and hope around the corner. They could have been stills of climax moments. That part of the action where time stops and you hold your breath.

So take a deep one before you follow these links:

Would you like to directly talk to the artist or purchase something? She’ll be happy to hear from you!

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