Cyril Wermers


Cyril Wermers —

Happen to live in Enschede? Chance is big you’ve seen Cyril Wermers. Chance is bigger that he’s seen you and that his camera captured that moment.

Cyril has been wandering through the city of Enschede with his Fuji for quite some time now. 15 years to be exact. And while being on the move, he catches his surroundings and freezes time.

His dog Tiago and daily life are frequent subjects. But mostly its about people, figures of the city and those of beyond that came to visit. That wear similar looking clothing, for example, or show a remarkable posture. Things happen. Triggers to stories are shown in surprising compositions. He grasps the city, its inhabitants and visitors with a fresh eye.

You can follow him by using the links below. He started weblog ‘Enschede a/zee’ in 2003. This project continued on Instagram and Facebook.

Enschede aan zee means Enschede by the sea. Joke of course, no sea to be found around that part of the Netherlands. Take that sense of humor with you when you look at Enschede from Cyrils point of view:

Interested in purchasing something? The artist is open to negotiations. And, trust me, a very nice person.

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